Welcome Department of Urdu :


Parbhani district is known for its rich art and literature. Late Sow. Kamaltai Jamkar Mahila Mahavidyalaya was Established in 1983.The college has played an important role in the development of minorities and with the demand of time it started “URDU” as a subject and thus established URDU DEPARTMENT in the college in 1997.After that as per the demand of Muslim minority students in 2009 the Urdu as a subject Second Language started in college. The URDU Department has shown a considerable progress in terms of Urdu which was initially started as an optional subject, later also introduced as secondary language. The good results have increased strength of Muslim girls. The department has shown its involvement in all types of academic and co-curricular activities. Many literary and cultural programs are being organized by the Urdu department. All these programs are strengthen national integration and have thus benefited social awakening among students, parents, new writers and poets. In a similar way they were supported to create their own identity in literary circles and to get recognized in literature. Another mile stone in the development of department was introduction of Certificate course which enabled Muslim girls to increase their command over Arabic language and solving their problems about personal Holly Books and help to understand easily. Also Arabic classes were started for three months.

Establishment: June 1983
Urdu Establishment Year: 1997

Objective :
  • To improve the knowledge and understanding about Urdu language and literature.
  • To bring out various aspect of human personality and human psychology.
  • To improve the Knowledge of Job Oriented Courses related to Urdu Language.
  • To conduct Arabic class.
  • To provide guidance for competitive examination NET-SET.
  • To conduct Quiz and General Knowledge Competition.
  • Bridge course for developing proficiency in the language like Marathi and Arabic.
  • To bring out composite Culture of India.
  • To bring out the various aspects of Human Personality and Human psychology related to this particular Genre.

Teaching Faculty:

Sr. No. Name Designation Date of Appointment Qualification Specialization Teaching Experience
1. Dr.Naseem Begum Assist.Prof 18/10/2013 M.A.( NET) Ph. D Dastan & Masnavi 15 Years
2. Miss. Syeda Tarannum Assist. Prof 24/06/2017 M.A.(SET) Afsana & Gazal 07 Years (On High School)
Departmental Activities Year Wise:

I. 2012-2013

a) One Day Tour especially goes to Aundha Garden for Urdu Department Students.
b) Conducted Group Discussion.
c) Organized Seminars for Students.

II. 2013-2014

a) Poem Recitation by Urdu Students.
b) Organized Seminars for Students.
c)Conducted Group Discussion.

III. 2014-2015

a) Conduct Teacher Day Program.
b) General Knowledge MCQ Questions Practiced by YOUTUBE VIDEO and Questionnaires.
c) Conducted Group Discussion.
d) Organized Seminars for Students. e) Urdu Department 10 Students Participated in District level Essay Competition Organized by Dazzling library.

IV. 2015-2016

a) Urdu Students Participated in District level Debate Camp.
b) Arranged Aftar Party by Urdu Department.
c) 18 th Students Participated in District level Quiz Competition organized by SIO.
d) 11 th Students Participated in District level lecture Series Competition by Khadmeen-E- Ummat.

V. 2016-2017

a) Conducted Best Handwriting Competition for Urdu Students.
b) Organized Eid-E- Milan Function.
c) Urdu Department One day tour to Chakur.
d) Four Students Participated in District level Recitation Program organized by Sajjulala Association.
e) 17 th Students participated in District level Quiz writing Competition Organized by Mominan Parbhani.

Departmental Achievements Year Wise:

I. 2012-2013

a) Multi Language Rainbow Dictionary in (Urdu, Marathi, English, & Hindi) prepared by Urdu Department Students.
b) Urdu Department Felicitated Final year Topper Students.

II. 2013-2014

a) Urdu Department all final year students got 1 st rank.

III. 2014-2015

a) Urdu Department three Students got prizes 5000/-, 500/-, and One Wall clock with Certificates and medals. (Summaiya Begum, Sana Masroor, Heena Kauser) Organized by Payam-E- Insaniyat Forum.

IV. 2015-2016

a) Conducted three months Certificate Course of Arabic Language.
b) Best Shairy Book “Urdu ke Mnuntaqib Ashaar” prepared by Urdu students.
c) Urdu Department Final year all students get 1 st Class Rank.

V. 2016-2017

a) Conducted three months Certificate Course of Arabic Language.
b) A special Book “URDU SITARE” introduction of famous poets in Urdu Literature prepared by Urdu Department Students.
c) Urdu Department One Students got merit and remaining all students got 1 st Class rank.

Awards :

Sr. No. Name of the Awards with Contact details Name of the Awarding Agency Year of Award
1. Indira Gandhi Prerna Gaurav Puraskar Ekta Sevabhavi Sanstha, Maharashtra. 19 th Mar 2017
2. Maharashtra Gaurav Puraskar Jaihind Sevabhavi Sanstha, Maharashtra. 30 th April 2016
3. Akbar Mirza Artist Award Aks-E- Adab, Aurangabad 29 th Dec 2013
Students Strength :

Program Year Wise Class Wise Strength Total Strangth
B. A. URDU (Optional) B.A.I B.A.II B.A.III
2012-2013 18 07 12 37
2013-2014 28 04 08 40
2014-2015 33 18 03 54
2015-2016 29 12 12 53
2016-2017 37 21 13 71
Program Year Wise Class Wise Strength Total Strangth
B.A.URDU (Second Language) B.A.I B.A.II
2012-2013 18 07 25
2013-2014 28 04 32
2014-2015 33 18 51
2015-2016 29 12 41
2016-2017 37 21 58
Results (Under Graduate only III year)

Year / Semester V Paper No. No. of Students appeared No. of students passed Percentage Average Results
2012-2013 IX 12 12 100% 100%
X 12 12 100%
XI 12 12 100%
2013-2014 IX 04 04 100% 100%
X 04 04 100%
XI 04 04 100%
2014-2015 IX 02 02 100% 100%
X 02 02 100%
XI 02 02 100%
2015-2016 IX 13 13 100% 100%
X 13 13 100%
XI 13 13 100%
2016-2017 IX 12 12 100% 100%
X 12 12 100%
XI 12 12 100%
Departmental Contribution:

a) Academic Committees:
Sr. No. Academic Committees Academic Year
1. NSS Committee 2014-2015 T0 2017-2018
2. Cultural Committee 2012-2013
3. Literary Committee 2013-2014 To 2017-2018
4. Criterion-VII NAAC Parameter Head 2012-2013 To 2017-2018
b) Administrative Committees:
Sr. No. Academic Committees Academic Year
1. Admission Committee 2012-2013 To 2017-2018
2. Disaster Management Committee 2017-2018
3. Earn and learn Scheme Committee 2015-2016
4. Hostel Committee 2016-2017
5. Anti Ragging Committee 2017-2018
6. Prospect Committee 2016-2017
7. Prevention Against Sexual Harassment Committee 2017-2018

Sr. No. Name Position held Address
1. Aafiya Uzma Assistant Professor Art, Com College Parli.
2. Mehrunnissa khan Assistant Professor 9561843693 Shri. Shivaji College, PBN.
3. Rubeena khanam Headmistress Faran Urdu High School, PBN.
4. Humera Fatema High School Teacher Iqra Urdu School, PBN.
5. Sameena Begum Z. P. School Teacher Zilla Parishad, Jalgaon Dist.
6. Shaziya Begum Primary School Teacher Dr. Zakir Hussain School, Jintur.
7. Shabana Begum High School Teacher Anjuman School,Jintur.
8. Farhana Tamboli Advocate Worked as a lawyer in Dist Court, PBN.
9. Irfana Tamboli Advocate Worked as a lawyer in Dist Court, PBN.
10. Nafisa Begum Primary School Teacher Faran Urdu Primary School, PBN.
11. Saleha Kauser Primary School Teacher Fatima Urdu Primary School, PBN.
12. Arshiya High School Teacher Iqra Urdu School,PBN.
13. Sauda Hashmi Housewife Jawla Bazar, Hingoli.
14. Noorain Naz Get Education D. S. M. College, PBN.9175486748
15. Seema Parvin High School Teacher Dr. Zakir Hussain School, PBN.
16. Shaheen Begum Get Education A.P.J. Kalam B. ed College, PBN.
17. Syeda Rabiya Competitive Exam Sharda College, PBN.
18. Hashmi Asma Begum Assistant Professor L. S. K. J. M. M. Parbhani.
19. Naziya Begum Primary School Teacher Bright English School, PBN.
20. Jabeen Begum Primary School Teacher -
Future Plans:

1. To organize International Seminar/Conference.
2. To introduce short term Urdu language courses.
3. To start P. G. program in Urdu.
4. To Establish a Separate Departmental library.
5. To organize Urdu Books Exhibition.
6. To initiate collaborative/ interdisciplinary activities.
7. To initiate faculty exchange program with neighboring institutes.
8. To start Urdu Translation Diploma Course.
9. To Establish Urdu language lab.
10.To start consultancy service for Urdu script writing.