The Department of Political Science was established with opening of this College in June 1983.This Department is the integral part of Late Sow. Kamaltai Jamkar Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Parbhani Prof. Dr. Bhagwat D.R. is Head & Research Guide of the Department. In the beginning there were very few student and two faculty member. In a short span of time department has earned lot of reputation and popularity for providing higher & quality education and fulfilling growing needs of the Society. Now this department is one of the favourite among the humanities.

Establishment: June 1983

Objective :
  • To develop Political consciousness among students.
  • To inculcate basic Political and Human values (Like Democracy equality and fraternity)
  • To make the students aware of their rights and duties.
  • To introduce the new trends in world politics and aware main issues
  • To encourage the students for higher education, Research and Competitive exams.
  • To promote the students participation in Political activities.

Sr. No. Name Designation Date of Appointment Qualification Specialization Teaching Experience
1. Dr.Bhagwat D.R. Associate Professor, Head & Research Guide 1/7/1984 M.A., B. Ed. M. Phil., Ph.D. Indian Political System 33yrs.(UG)
14 yrs.(PG)
2. Dr.Shingare H.M. Associate Professor 01/7/1985 M.A., B. Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D. Indian Thinkers 30 yrs. (UG)
3. Dr.Kolhe S.B. Assistant Professor(CHB) 1/10/2016 M.A., B. Ed. M. Phil., Ph.D. International Relation 07 yrs.(UG)
04 Yrs.(PG)
Recognized P.G. Teacher

Departmental Activities year wise:

I. 2012-2013

a) Organized group discussion on Indian Democracy on 14/08/2012.
b) Published wall posters on Indian Independence Day on 16/08/2012.
c) Celebrate Democratic Awareness Programme : Constitution Day , Human Rights Day.

II. 2013-2014

a) Organized and participated in Research Awareness Camp (Avishkar Research Festival) on 23/07/2013.
b) Organized group discussion and seminar.
c) Organized voters awareness programme on 10/09/2013.
d) Organized Constitution Day , Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti on 26/11/2013 and 2/10/2013.
e) Organized Human Right Day on 10/12/2013.

III. 2014-2015

a) Conducted election of Students Counci.
b) Organized voters awareness camp for students and conducted following activities on 23/09/2014 to 14/10/2014.

1) Students Registration.
2) Orientation.
3) Lectures.
4) Voters Sankalp Patra (Resolution).
5) Voters Awareness Rally & Day on 10/10/2014.

c) Organized Seminar & group discussion.
d) Organized Indian Constitution Day on 26/11/2014.
e) Organized Human Right Day on 10/12/2014.

IV. 2015-2016

a) Conducted the election of Students Council on 25/08/2015.
b) Organized seminar of B.A.F.Y. on ‘ Importance of Political Theory ’ on 14/09/2015.
c) Celebrated Marathwada Mukti Sangram Din & published Wall papers on Marathwada Mukti Sangram on 17/9/2015.
d) Organized Indian Constitution Day & published wall posters on ‘ Indian Constitution ’ on 26/11/2015.
e) Organized Human Right Day on 10/12/2015.

V. 2016-2017

a) Organized District level Mahila Sarpanch Parishad as on 09/07/2016.
b) Celebrated Marathwada Independent Day on 17/9/2016.
c) Organized group discussion on effectiveness of Parliamentary Democracy on 27/09/2016.
d) Celebrate Democratic value awareness programme, i.e. ‘ Constitution Day, Voters Day & Human Rights Day.

Departmental Achievements:

i) 2012-2013

a) Participation in Wall Poster Competition and received first prize on the occasion of Annual Gathering – 28/12/2013.
b) Our Faculty Member Mr.Shingare H.M. has been awarded Ph.D. on Sept.2012.
c) Dr.Bhagwat D.R. as a selection committee member for National Youth Volunteers by Nehru Yuva Kendra, Parbhani on 26/02/2013.
d) Good Results.

ii) 2013-2014

a) Good Results (100%).
b) Best Teacher Award by Lions Club, Prince Parbhani (Dr.Bhagwat D.R).
c) Published papers in National, International peer reviewed journals.

iii) 2014-2015

a) Complete the target of 100% registration of student’s voters.
b) Good results.
c) Published papers in National, International Research journals.
d) Dr.H.M. Shingare published one reference books entitled “ Namdar Gokhle & Indian National Congress ”-2015.

iv) 2015-2016

a) Dr.Bhagwat D.R. has completed and settled Minor Research Project on 20/10/2015.
b) Good Results.
c) Published Research papers in National, International Research Journals.
d) Dr.Bhagwat D.R. has appointed as a unit writer on the subject of Political Science (M.A.) by S.R.T.M.U. Nanded.

v) 2016-2017

a) Good Results (99%).
b) Mrs. Rekha Bane has completed Political Science under the Guidance of Dr.Bhagwat on :
c) Dr.Bhagwat D.R. nominated as a member of Board of studies in Political Science by Parent University as on December, 2016.
d) Two students participated in District level ‘ Avishkar Research Festival ’ and received second prize and also Selected on University level Research Festival ‘ Avishkar ’.
e) One chapter of Dr.Bhagwat D.R. published in M.A. Distance Education f Political Science Text Book S.R.T.M.U.Nanded o entitled as ‘ National Power ’.
f) Published Research papers in Journals & Books.
g) Successful organization of District level Mahila Sarpanch Parishad. 55 Mahila Sarpanch participated as on 09/07/2016.


Sr. No. Name of the Awards with Contact
Name of the Awarding Agency Year of Award
1. Best Teacher Award Lions Club, Parbhani 2013-2014
Students Strength:
Optional: Political Science

Sr. No. Class Year
2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 Total
1. I 70 66 116 71 103 426
2. II 20 31 40 66 56 213
3. III 10 12 29 37 60 148
Total 40 109 185 174 219 787
Results (Under Graduate only III year)

Year / Semester V & VI Average Results
2012-13 84%
2013-14 100%
2014-15 94%
2015-16 96%
2016-17 99%
Departmental Contribution

a) Academic Committees:

1) Coordinator of IQAC from 2012-13 to till date.
2) Member of Research Recognition Committee from 2012-13 to till date.
3) Working as a chief Superintendent (C.S.) of University exam. and In charge of College exam. since June 2012 to 2013-14.
4) Member of Executive council in Maharashtra Political Science and Public Administration conference from 2011 to till date.
5) As a Member of Syllabus Committee in the subject of Human Rights – S.R.T.M.U.Nanded 2016 to till date.
6) Life member of Indian political Science Association (IPSA) from 2008 to till date.
7) Life member of Maharashtra Political Conference from 2001 to till date.
8) Worked as a subject expert, affiliation committee member, appointed by Parent University Nanded from 2012 to till date.
9) Worked as a voice chancellor nominee and subject expert under CAS, S.R.T.M.U. Nanded from 2012 to till date.
10) Worked as a member of Recognition Committee of Research Center at Degloor College, Degloor Dist : Nanded.
11) Worked as a member of Research Allocation Committee (RAC) S.R.T.M.U. Nanded from 2016 to till date.
12) Member of NAAC criteria – III Research consultancy and extension from 2012-13 to till date.
13) Proposal submitted for National Conference to NAAC - Banglore May 2017.
14) Proposal for Academic Audit submitted to S.R.T.M.U. Nanded 2016-17.
15) Submitted NAAC – Banglore through IQAC.
16) Presented Research Papers in National & International Conferences / Seminars.
17) Published papers in National & International journals, books & souvenirs.
18) Contribution as a Resource person / Chairperson.
19) V.C. Nominee and subject expert for Selection Committee of College Teachers.
20) V.C. Nominee and subject expert of Placement Committee (CAS) for Teachers

b) Administrative Committees:

1) Head of the Department of Political Science from 1984 to till date.
2) Coordinator of Human Rights from 2009 to till date.
3) N.S.S. Programme Officer from 1997 to 2001 & 2006 to 2014.
4) District Coordinator of NSS from 2009 to 2011.
5) In charge of Annual Social Gathering (2014-15).
6) Member of Local Management Committee from 2016-17 to till date.
7) IQAC Coordinator from 2012-13 to till date.
8) Member of Advisory Committee in N.S.S. College Unit from 2015-16 to till date.
9) Dr.Shingare a coordinator of Distance Education programme – S.R.T.M.U. Nanded 2014 to 2016.

List of Placement & Alumni:

Sr. No. Name Position held Address
1. Mrs. Savita Deshpande Asstt.Teacher Z.P.Prashala, Parbhani
2. Mrs.Mangal Gadam Associate Professor Vaidyanath Arts, Commerce & Science College Parli (V) Dist: Beed
3. Mrs.Rupali Metkewar Police Prosecutor Dist. Court, Aurangabad
4. Mrs.Sandhya Rangari Dist. Women and Child Welfare Officer Govt. Office, Hingoli
5. Mrs.Lata Kachave Assistant. Professor Govt. Diet Training Center, parbhani
6. Mrs. Vandana Tarkase Jr. Clerk Regional Transport Office, Parbhani
7. Adv.Sharvari Ligde Advocate B-9/10 Kumbare park, Kothrud – Pune 411038 Mob.No. 8275515178
8. Adv.Vrushali Pedgaonkar Public Prosecutor Majalgaon Mob.No. 9765078143
9. Dr.Hiswankar Ashwini Asso. Professor IBP Mahila College, Aurangabad
10. Adv.Jayshree Kodgere Advocate Pune, Singhgadh Road, Mob.No. 9404233358
11. Mrs.Rajshree Kundikar Assistant Teacher Bhartiya Bal Vidya Mandir, Parbhani
12. Mrs.Shubhangi Zambre Assistant Professor K.R.M. Mahila College, Nanded
13. Mrs.Kalpana Sisodiya Assistant Professor Arts, Commerce College,Daithana Dist : Parbhani
Future Plans:

a) To create Political awareness amongst young generation.
b) To provide extensive services to the various social organization and Govt. Dept.
c) To publish research papers in referred journals.
d) To apply for Minor and Major Research Projects.
e) To organize seminar, conferences.
f) To organizes Study tour to Indian parliament –New Delhi.