Music as on optional subject was introduced in 1999 in Late.Sow.Kamaltai Jamkar Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Parbhani and M.A.(Music)has been introduced as a course from 2001 onwards. Poor but hardworking girls students are facilitated from the rural as well as urban areas .Our college the first in S.R.T.M.University to make available this facility of music education.We establish sound recording studio facility for student knowledge improvement in 2011 year.We are proud of this achievement.

Establishment: 1999 UG & 2001 PG Course

Objective :
  • Overall study of the society.
  • Information of society & solution to problems.
  • Abolition of pride & prejudices.
  • Overall Development of personality.
  • Happiness of New creation.


Sr. No. Name Designation Date of Appointment Qualification Specialization Teaching Experience
1. Mr.R.R.Ingale H.O.D&Assit.Prof. 17 June 2009 MA NET Vocal Music 08 years
2. Ms.P.P.Kulkarni Assit.Prof. 17 June 2009 MA NET Vocal Music 08 years
Departmental Activities Year Wise:

I). 2012-2013

a) Paus Gaani-Programme in July
b) Patriotic song competition-15 August.
c) Singing Competition-Education week (17 to 24 sept).
d) Kojagiri Program.
e) Music Competition in annual Gathering.

II). 2013-2014

a) Paus Gaani-Programme in July.
b) Patriotic Song Competition-15th August.
c) Singing Competition – Educational Week (17 to 24 sept).
d) Kojagiri Program.
e) e) Music Competition in Annual Gathering.
f) Bhajnanjali every week.

III. 2014-2015

a) Patriotic song competition-15th August.
b) Singing Competition- educational week (17 to 24 sept).
c) competition in Annual Gathering.
d) Bhajananjali every week.

IV. 2015-2016

a) Patriotic Song competition-15th August
b) Singing Competition- educational week (17 to 24 sept)
c) Music competition in annual Gathering.
d) Bhajananjali every week.

V. 2016-2017

a) Patriotic Song competition-15th August
b) Singing Competition- educational week (17 to 24 sept).
c) Music competition in annual Gathering.
d) Bhajananjali every week.

Departmental Achievements Year Wise:

I 2012-2013
a) Raosaheb Jamkar Smruti Samaroh-Singing Program.
b) Darpan Purskar Welcome song compose.
c) Singing Programme at Principals welfare Association Meet at Shivaji College Parbhani.

II 2013-2014
a) B.Raghunath College conference-singing Program, Arranged.
b) Darpan Purskar welcome Raosaheb Jamkar Smruti Samaroh- Arun Date singing Program.
c) Darpan Purskar welcome song.

III 2014-2015
a) Darpan Purskar welcome song.
b) Three students in University Rank II & III

IV) 2015-2016
a) ‘Swarabhishek’ Oganized by our Dept. on the occagan of shatabdi Mahotsav.
b) University II Rank one student.

V) 2016-2017
a) IUT welcome song composed.
b) Two students in University Rank I &II

5 Awards :

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty with Contact Details Name of the Awarding Agency Year of Award
1. Youth festival Qawwali II nd Prize SRTM.University 2013-2014.
2. Youth festival-Bhajan IIIrd Prize SRTM.University 2013-2014.
3. Youth festival Qawwali IIIrd Prize SRTM.University 2015-2016.
4. Faculty- R R Ingle Maharashtra shikshak Ratna Rajyog foundation Maharashtra 2017-2018.
6 Students Strrength :

SR.No. Class Year
2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 Total
1 I 23 19 22 27 22 113
2 II 22 10 05 11 23 71
3 III 07 13 10 05 10 45
Total 52 42 37 43 55
7 Results ( Under Graduate only III year) :

Year / Semester V Class Percentage Average Results
2012-13 IIIrd year 100% 100%
2013-14 IIIrd year 100% 100%
2014-15 IIIrd year 100% 100%
2015-16 IIIrd year 100% 100%
8 Results ( Post Graduate only II year) :

Year / Semester III Class Percentage Average Results
2013-14 MA II nd Year 100% 100%
2014-15 MA II nd Year 100% 100%
2015-16 MA II nd Year 100% 100%
2016-17 MA II nd Year 100% 100%
9) Departmental Contribution:

a) Academic Committees:

  1. Exam Department,Peper setting .
  2. Assessment, Paper Moderation,Invigilation,External Examiner,Addmision Committee.
  3. Syllabus Framing Committee.

b) Administrative Committees:

  1. Cultural Committee.
  2. Staff Secretory.
  3. Board of Study Member.


Sr. No. Name Position held Address.
1. Diwan Bhagyashri D. Music Classes Beherin,Goulf City
2. Ghan Sujata s. Junior Lecturer Purna
3. Nayak Anupama K. Professional Singer Nanded
4. Vasekar Dipali M. Lecturer Aurangabad University
5. Deshmukh Hemlata M. Music Teacher 9604420029
6. Ku. Sarika Dhakarge Clerk, District Health Division,Gevrai Parbhani
7. Bhalerao Durga Professional Singer Parbhani
8. Dev Dhanshri G. Professional Singer Amravati
9. Kolte Vidya Professional Singer Nanded
10. Kulkarni Ketki Music Classes Canda
11. Dev Rajshri Professional Singer Parbhani
12. Bhalerao Durga Teacher Purna
13. Jadhav Kaveri Lecturer Shivaji College Parbhani
14. Patil Madhuri Professional Singer Nanded
15. Avchar Swati Teacher Pune
Future Plans:

i. To develop Students Voice Culture to Singing Versatility. Use Of Technology for singing.
ii. To Arrange National Conference In Music.
iii. Minor & Major Research Project to motivate student’s activity.
iv. To develop recording technique, Digital Recording system update & to develop department Smart & Digital.