Say No to boredom & Yes to lifelong Fun!!

    Welcome to this amazing Society Portal. Here you can connect to a whole new lifestyle. usually it happens, inspite of staying in the same neighborhood, we often tend to overlook people who stay with us. Well, this will no longer happen-Elite Softwares Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a new Product - The Linkup Society Portal. True to its name, this portal will link you to everyone in the society.

    Here you can be aware of all the things happening in their surroundings-where they can Connect with each other, SMS Alerts, Society Maintenance Management Solution, Society Accounting Software, Give suggestions or complaints, Organize Society Meetings, Notices or Maintenance information, Find all important numbers of society and surroundings, etc.

They can also find out people from the same profession, be aware of various gifted people in the Society-Other Entrepreneurs, their Advertising would be done online or offline on the Portal itself. With these many features, the society members will always be connected to each other.
This Portal combines all your necessary applications under a single roof.