Bridge of Friendship (BOF)

  • To maintain equity among employees.
  • To provide an opportunity to express the opinion of his\her colleagues about him/her.
  • To encourage other employees to seek inspiration from her\his work.
  • To preserve memories and establish friendship bond with the employee forever.
  • To glorify the contribution of the employee.
  • To give a platform to the employee to reveal his thoughts about the institution, colleague, work experience, challenges faced & opportunities received.
  • To register suggestion given by the employee for the future development.
  • To appreciate the contribution of the employee by the management.

The Context:

Memories are the moments that last forever with us. The college takes initiatives to preserve the memories of the employee in the institution. The college intends to share sweet memories of the employee with others.
The college encourages employees to share emotions, feelings, thoughts and happiness of one another. Therefore the college collects the information and keeps the record of the individual employee who is going to retire.
Bridge of Friendship is one of the media for the employees to discuss social issues through personal events and incidents. Bridge of Friendship is also useful to promote educational activities. Events and achievements even though at small scale on the part of the employee.

Practice / mechanism of organization and implementation:

This is also a unique practice run exclusively in our college to enrich the knowledge of teaching and non teaching staff. The college has been publishing Bridge of Friendship magazine for a long time. A committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Principal to organize and implement the process. A coordinator has been appointed.
The coordinator is assisted by another teacher. They are given the responsibility to gather necessary data of the employee who is going to retire. Both of them together search photos, information of family background, experience, achievements, and awards of the employee.
They ask other employees to write article and maintain the record. The other employees get a chance to express personal opinion; they disclose the special moments they have spent together; they analyze the nature of the employee through poem or article; they throw light on the relationship between the employee and students.
Thus, vivid traits & secrets of the character of the employee are opened.
Thus, the college cherishes the memories and the moments spent with the person who is going away in coming days and will take send off from us. This is our soft way to offer our best wishes for his/her future life.

Evidence of success/ beneficiaries:

Due to the Bridge of Friendship, the college has maintained a sound and healthy relationship with employees even after their retirement. Employee from the institution visit now and then to the college after retirement.
They spare quality time for the welfare of the college. The employee has expressed their gratitude in seven issue of Bridge of Friendship is published by the college. Following are the employees in whose names have been published.

  • Mr. Langar.
  • Principal Dr. A.D. Sarnaik.
  • Dr. K.K.Patil.
  • Prof. Khaleda Khatib.
  • Mr. Latpate B.V.
  • Mr. Kurdukar.
  • Dr. H. M. Singare.

The employees have expressed and analyzed the above individual from their point of view. Whenever they strike of mind we go through magazine we have prepared in their memory.

Problems encountered & resources required:
  • We do not have financial aid therefore we cannot publish it in printed form.
  • We cannot publish it every year as we have limited staff.
  • It cannot be popularized beyond the college campus.
  • Reader does not have interest in one’s personal life. So there is no readership.

Contact Details:
  • Name of the Principal: Dr Vasant Bhosale.
  • Name of the Institution: LSKJMM.
  • City: Parbhani.
  • Pin code: 431401.
  • Accreditation Status: ‘A’ reaccredited.
  • Phone Number: 02452 241234.
  • Website: /
  • Email:
  • Mobile: 09423143837.