DEPARTMENT OF B.Voc - IT Information Technology

Late Sow. Kamaltai Jamkar Mahila Mahavidyalaya was established in 1983. With the demand of time the college has established COMPUTER DEPARTMENT in 2000. After that as per the demand students in 2009 the college has started post-graduation course M.Sc. (CS). In June 2014 the college started Bachelor of Vocational (B.Voc) degree Course with multiple exit point as Diploma/ Adv. diploma / B.Voc Degree for students . The COMPUTER Department has shown a considerable progress, later also introduced Computer as one of the optional subjects at graduation level B.A. The good results have increased strength. The department has shown its involvement in all types of academic and co-curricular activities. Many literary programs are being organized by the Computer department. These programs supported students to create their own identity. Another mile stone in the development of department was introduction of Computer Literacy Certificate course.

Establishment: June 2014

1. Name of the Department:  Department of B.Voc IT(Information Technology)

2. Year of Establishment:   : June 2014

3. Names of programs /Courses offered:   : Bachelor of Vocational (B.Voc) IT SW.

4. Annual/ Semester :    Semester wise

Progress of the Department:

Program Year Wise Class wise Strength Total Strength

B.Voc I B.Voc II B.Voc III
2014-2015 15 00 00 15
2015-2016 11 08 00 19
2016-2017 00 12 07 19
2017-2018 00 00 11 11
  • Excellent result performance100% with distinct class
  • Organization of Workshop by Elite Company.
  • Organization of Computer Literacy Certificate Course for Non IT Student (B.A, B.COM) .
  • Group discussion and Seminar on Computer Subject.
  • Participation in Avishkar district level research festival.
  • Aptitude Quiz competition for students..
  • Poster presentation by students.
  • Organize Departmental Tour.
  • Website Design by the students.

Objective :
  • To Provide Judicious mix of skills relating to a software development profession and appropriate content of general computer education.
  • To ensure that the students have adequate knowledge and skills required for software industries, so that they are work ready at each point of the programme.
  • To provide guidance for developing solutions to problems by utilizing different computer platforms & programming languages.
  • To provide guidance for developing solutions to problems by utilizing different computer platforms & programming languages.
  • To conduct Quiz and General Knowledge Competition.
  • To promote students for continued learning in a rapidly changing discipline.
  • To provide students with up to date technical knowledge & develop the skills needed for a successful start in computer industry.
  • Improve the Knowledge of Job Oriented Courses related to Computer.

• Result Analysis:

The result of the students belonging to B.Voc All subjects is nearly 100%


Sr. No. Name Designation Date of Appointment Qualification Specialization Teaching Experience
1. Mr. Nagsen Gaikwad Assistant Professor. July-2017 MSC Computer 01 [+ 5 IT ]
2. Ms. Sunita Surnar Assistant Professor Jan-2017 MCA Compute 2
3. Ms. Farheen Naz Assistant Professor July-2017 M.Sc. Computer 2
4. Mr. Solunke Sir Assistant Professor July-2017 Commerce 3
5. Ms. Sadafule Assistant Professor July-2017 Commerce 3
6. Ms. Sonam Satpute Assistant Professor July-2017 Computer 01

The curriculum has the process and provides guidelines to teachers as well as students. It is necessary that planning of curriculum should be as such to help the teacher and to draw the maximum benefit and clear out of it. A teacher of Computer does not only communicate to her students what is conveyed by the simple words.
He tries to associate the learners with the underlying in any piece of Computer Subject through her own interpretations. Thus during the teaching of the varying forms of different programming language one may benefit differently if the teachers is conscious enough to transfer their benefits to the students. Then they would have the real achievement.
There for some points have been listed at the beginning of each course as the specific objectives. The teachers while teaching may highlight these or such other points to make the teaching more meaningful. Keeping the above facts the department stresses on the following points.

  • Distribution of curriculum to faculty members as per their area of specialization.
  • Prepare the lesson plan before taking the period.
  • Annual lesson planning of curriculum as per the interest of students. .
  • Teaching hours:-
    The department tries to follow to the guideline Of UGC of that the working may not be less than 180 days but we conduct generally above.
  • Reference reading:-

    The faculty members follow the reference books as per the book necessity of curriculum. The members of faculty also go through the original text books and the secondary material from different sources. As per the need of time, the faculty also follow modern teaching sources like computer, internet, CD’s, PPT’s, DVD’s, Audio video aids etc.

  • Students assignments:-

    The departments try to follow the guideline of university related to curriculum aspect and question paper pattern. According to university if given the assignment than teachers give a topic to students and guided them very well. After that process internal evaluation work starts and gave the marks as per performance.

  • Certificate course in JAVA Programming language.

• Teaching Methods:-

Effective teaching requires the use of alternative strategies to accomplish different educational goals because no single approach of teaching appropriate in all situations.
Lecture method of teaching continues to be principal method of teaching at degree level but we use other methods of teaching per requirements. The following methods are used:

  • Lecture Method.
  • Question answer method
  • Audio video method. .
  • Computer and Internet
  • ICT based teaching methods.
  • Group Discussion..
  • Seminar (As per necessity)
  • Use of Digital Board.
  • Power Point Presentation Methods.
  • Rotation of central idea after the finish of lesson.
  • Rotation of central idea after the finish of lesson.
  • Tutorials and Assignments.
  • Question papers of Theory and MCQ bank solved.

•Result Analysis:

The result of the students belonging to B.Voc All subjects is nearly 100%

Results of Graduate:

(Result in Percentage) B.Voc Third Year Students is distinct class of last years.

B.Voc. F. Y. Information Technology

Sr. No. Academic Year B.Voc I Year Admission Appeared Passed Percentage
1. 2014-2015 15 12 8 66%
2. 2015-2016 12 11 11 100%

B.Voc. S. Y. Information Technology

Sr. No. Academic Year B.Voc I Year Admission Appeared Passed Percentage
1. 2015-2016 8 7 7 100%
2. 2016-2017 12 12 11 91%

B.Voc. T. Y. Information Technology

Sr. No. Academic Year B.Voc I Year Admission Appeared Passed Percentage
1. 2016-2017 7 7 7 100%

Graph Showing Results of B.Voc Department

• Internal Evaluation:

Continuous Internal assessments to evaluate the performance of students are essential. Due to these facts, the department also use evaluation methods such as objectives type tests, announced and unannounced tests, Home assignments, short answer, MCQ type Questions, participation in seminars, paper reading for purpose of Internal Assessment.

a) Class Tests:

The Department conducts four unit tests in every Sem. Out of two in 1st Semester and another two in IInd Semester taken by related subject teacher. As per University schedule or guideline every faculty and department takes one Seminar/Group discussion/Oral Exam/Assignment in 1st semester is one and one is in 11nd semester exam.

b) Practical code Examination

Semester wise examination conducted as per program or schedule of University every ending semester of the academic year. Cause of this schedule teachers complete their curriculum in time limit and students also ready for study and exams.


Sr. No. Name Of Alumni Qualification Designation/ Work Cell No.& Contact Address
1. Bhandari Vandana Vijay M.Sc Student Shivaji Road , Parbhani
2. Dasarwad Shilpa Tukaram M.Sc(CS) Student Police Head Quarter Parbhani
3. Hulekar Sharma Vitthalrao M.Sc Teaching Job Datta Nagar , Jintur Road, Parbhani
4. Kadam Shubhangi Bhagwanro M.Sc Student Near Siddhi Vinayak Ganpati Temple Purna
5. Aliya Tabbassum Khudadad Khan M.Sc Student Dadarao Plot Iqbal Nagar Parbhani
6. Farheen Ghazzal Mohd Saleem Ansari M.Sc Student Dargah Road Subedar Nagar Parbhani
7. Siddiqui Shabeena Haseen Khaiser. M.Sc Student Qazi Bag Dargah Road Parbhani
Students Strength:-

Sr. No. Year B.VOC.I B.VOC.II B.VOC. .III Total strength
1. 2014-15 15 - - 15
2. 2015-2016 11 08 - 19
3. 2016-2017 - 12 07 19
4. 2017-2018 - - 11 11
Future Plans:

1. To organize International Seminar/Conference
2. To introduce short term Computer language courses.
3. To start coaching CET preparation program For MCA/MBA
4. To Establish a Separate Departmental library.
5. To organize Computer Books Exhibition.
6. To initiate collaborative/ interdisciplinary activities
7. To initiate faculty exchange program with neighboring institutes.
8. To start Web Development Diploma Course.
9. To Establish Android App Development lab
10. To start consultancy service for Urdu script writing.

Students Feedback:

Evaluation of the performance of teachers by the students also is tried out. For this purpose the students (selected) are given questionnaire at the end of the semester (June/Oct) to evaluate the performance of their teacher. The feedback reclined by the teacher has led to improve in teaching and relation with students which is the main objective of the evaluation of teachers. (Students Questionnaire present at the time of Visit).

Any Other:

1. Essay competition in Social Media bad/good impact.
2. Debate competition in Social Media bad/good impact
3. Web Design by the students.
4. Best Handwriting competition.
5. Encourage creative skills like, presentation PPT, Subject topic Seminar etc.
6. Realized or introduce students their inner hidden skills and ability.

• Activities:

1) Proposal of Computer study center.
2) Teachers day program (with photo details)
3) Seminar on projector (ppt) (with photo details)
4) One day trip (with photo details)
5) Participation in Avishkar district level research festival .(with photo details)
6) Felicitation of B.VOC/BCA department final year students.
7) Best handwriting competition.
8) Certificate course of Java language.