DEPARTMENT OF B.VOC - B. Voc. Fashion Technology

B. Voc. Fashion Technology degree course is designed to train students in the core garment manufacturing technology with emphasis on best practices in apparel production. Students are trained on application of information technology program so that they can contribute significantly in the fashion technology domain..
Our institute started this course in order to empowerment of women & to impart deep knowledge about the garment industry among the students. Students also have shown a great interest in course and now, it has become one of the popular courses among students.
The course teaches not only the basics of fashion industry but also sharpen the creativity skills of the students which are the core element of the course.
Fashion is dynamic and ever changing. It is one of the powerful forces in our daily lives as it influences every aspects of like clothing, accessories household things, lifestyle, etc.
“Fashion-Technology” connects with streamlines like fashion, apparel and different aspects of the fashion industry to consumers and other fashion industry professionals by utilizing & implementing technology in order to make the user’s experience more efficient and enjoyable.
Fashion industry is an international and highly globalized industry, with clothing often designed in one country, manufactured another, and world-wide. The fashion industry had long been one of the largest employers. However, by any measure, the clothing industry accounts for a significant share of world economic output.
1. The production of raw materials, principally fibers and textiles but also leather and fur,
2. The production of fashion goods by designers, manufactures, contractors, and others,
3. Retail sales,
4. Advertising and promotion.

These levels consist of many separate but interdependent sectors.

These sectors are:
- Textile Design and production,
- Fashion Design and Manufacturing,
- Fashion Retailing,
- Fashion shows,
- Marketing,
- Merchandising

Each sector is devoted to the goal of satisfying consumer demand for apparel under conditions that enable participants in the industry to operate at a profit. In this course student visualizes, plans and implements a dress or attire including its fabric, texture, color, accessories etc.
The design is sketched before the dress is put in for and all nuances like comfort, size, season etc are taken into consideration for the same.
Creating a style means using the right fabric, the right cut and a good finish. Fashion Design also teaches creating a style by using the right fabric, the right cut and a good finish.
India has a rich tradition in textiles right from the ancient times. The textile industry in India is growing at a tremendous pace and is fast catching up with the rest of the world. Even in today’s modern India, the textile industry occupies a unique position in our economy to nearly a hid of the country’s export earnings so both diploma and B. Voc. F. T. Courses will help students to stand by their own.
Department have well equipped lab which has industrial machines, we also have computer lab with latest software; tables were specially designed for illustration; for convenient cutting, large tables were arranged.
Every year, department organize industrial visit in order to meet the practical knowledge to the students; students must have to prepare project reports as per the university syllabus. It helps to create interest of research attitude in students. In order to evaluate the student’s ability and practical knowledge about the syllabus, they learned, two test examinations before semester exam were conducted. Class tests were also conducted each month.
The students who enroll in this course are provided with industry- specific technical and professional skill with strong emphasis on trends, forecasting, pattern cutting and garment constriction. This enable the graduating Students to perform competitively in the global fashion industry, the course encourage a rigorous creative and intellectual approach to Textile design.
The Textile industry in India is growing at a tremendous pace and is fast catching up with the rest of the world. Today, Indian designers are accepted worldwide for their unique style and have succeeded in carving a niche for themselves.

B) Establishment of Department :
Nutan Vidyamandir Education Society started Late Sow. Kamaltai Jamkar Mahila Mahavidyalaya in 1983. The main mission of the college is “Women Empowerment”.
Considering the importance of education in fashion designing the department of Fashion Designing was added since 2011.
Bachelor in Vocational Degree Programme in Fashion Technology i.e. B. Voc. F. T. degree program was started from the academic year 2014-15.

C) Objectives:
1. Provide professional education with sense of social responsibility & creative thinking ability.
2. Nurture graduates to be creative, innovative and ethical leaders.
3. Providing the skills so that the graduates will be globally competent in the garment industry or entrepreneurship through effective communication, soft skills and team work skills.
4. Prepare the students to demonstrate technical competence in their profession by applying knowledge of basic and experimentation skills for identifying manufacturing problems and providing practical and innovative solutions.
5. Prepare the students to understand the professional and ethical responsibilities in the local and global context and hence utilize their knowledge and skill for the benefit of the society.
6. Creating a foundation to students so that they will be professional, ethical and demonstrate spirit of excellence and leadership in their successful professional career.
7. Enable the students to work successfully in a manufacturing environment and function their technical specialization through self learning and the skill to apply it to fundamental knowledge in the field of textile and fashion technology.
8. Provide a broad abstract and academic viewpoint of apparel manufacturing that will serve as a basis for future apparel professionals.
9. Enable the students to bridge the gap between graduate studies and practical work operations for the design and subsequent profitable of apparel industry.


Sr. No. Name Designation Date of Appointment Qualification Specialization Teaching Experience
1. Ms. K.M. Pillai HOD 1st July 2014 M. Sc. F. D Design Development 6 years
2. Miss. M.R. Shete Assistant Professor 1st July 2014 B.D.M. & F.C - -
3. Miss. P.B. Katte Assistant Professor 1st August 2017 B.Voc.F.T. - -
4. Miss. V. K. Ajegaonkar Lecturer 1st August 2017 Dip.DD &GM - -
General Information:

1. Title of the course:
2. Duration:

The duration of the B. Voc. Course will be of three years.
▪ B.Voc.1 year: Diploma in Fashion Technology
▪ B.Voc.2 year: Advanced Diploma in Fashion Technology
▪ B.Voc.3 year: Bachelor of Vocation in Fashion Technology
The final B. Voc. Fashion Technology degree will be awarded only after successful completion of three year course.
General Education Component should not exceed 40% of the total curriculum.

Credits can be defined as the workload of a student in
1. Lectures
2. Practical
3. Seminars
4. Work in the Library/home
5. Examination
6. Other assessment activities.
7. Internship in Textile Industry

3. Eligibility:
The eligibility condition for admission to B. Voc. F. T. programme shall be 10+2 or equivalent, in any stream from any recognized board or university.

4.Medium of Instruction:
English (The medium of instruction of the course will be English & Marathi / Hindi).

5. Pattern: Semester Pattern.

Departmental Activities year wise:

i) 2014-15:

1. Presentation on Non textile garments :

First Prize goes to :
Miss. Pooja Katte & Miss. Shamal Gavhane

Second Prize goes to:
Miss. Madhuri Yadav & Miss. Jayshri Totade

2. PPT presentations on following topics:

a. Topic: Yarn Manufacturing process

  • Winner was Miss. Pooja Ingle

c. Topic: Personality Development

     • Winner was Miss. Shrutika Raner

3. Competitions on following topics:

Quilt making

  Winner was Miss. Rashmi Ghumbre

4. Cushion cover making

    Winner was Miss. Uzma Jabeen

5. Jewelry box making

       Winner was Miss. Sabina Sehar                 

6. Surprise tests:

Tests were conducted on all subjects.

Result: All students were passed with good marks.

ii) 2015-2016

• Craft and Accessory making:

• Seminar by Mr. Sonowne on 26/02/2016 on topic:

   “Fashion Technology: Problems and Issues”

• Industrial visit to Paithan on 03/03/ 2016 to see actual weaving process:

Number of students visited it: 25
Place : Paithan, Aurangabad.
Company Name: Maharashtra Laghuudyog Vikas Mahamandal Marya,Sanchalit,Paithan.
Production: Paithani Sarees.

• Exhibition cum sale was conducted

  Topic: “Crafts, Accessories and Dresses"

Name of the Guide Lecturers:

1. Ms. Kalpana M. Pillai
2. Ms. Madhuri Shete
3. Ms. Sarika Solanke
4. Miss. Priya Warwade

Products kept in Exhibition (Handmade):

Accessories like ear rings, bangles, necklace, anklets, hair bands, pins etc, cushions, wall hangings, door mats, selling hangings, purse, dresses, readymade nauwaries, flower pots, decorative & photo frames, pen/pencil stands, door decorative items, show pieces, different types of malas/Strings etc.
There were 46 Students actively participated in this Exhibition.

• Industrial Training Report – 2015-16

The industrial Training that students went for the 45 days (13th Feb-31stMarch, 2015) industrial training through the institute within brought in new technologies and expanded their knowledge. They got the opportunity to known concepts in to practice in real projects and to learn new concepts through the industrial training.

• Company Details

Name: Purple Creations Pvt.Limited, Baramati.
Status: Active
Class of Company: Private
Company Products: Kid’s Casual Wear, Kid’s Lounge Wear, Infant Wear, Women’s Tops,Men’s T-Shirts, Knit Wears.

• Name of the Students which completed their industrial Training.

1. Puja Chawan
2. Archana Lahoti
3. Rutuja Shahane

• Company Details

Name: Cotton King Pvt.Limited, Baramati.
Status: Active
Class of Company: Private
Company Products: Casual Shirts, Formal Shirts, Slim Fit Shirts, Semi Formal Shirts, T-shirts, Jeans, Trousers.

Sr. No. Students Name Industry Name
1. Chouhan Pooja Jawaharsing Purple Creations Pvt.Limited, Baramati
2. Lahoti Archana Purishottam Purple Creations Pvt.Limited, Baramati
3. Kabra Chanchal Ratanlal Cotton King Pvt.Limited, Baramati
4. Kabra Chanchal Ratanlal Cotton King Pvt.Limited, Baramati
5. Pathak Unnati Dipak Cotton King Pvt.Limited, Baramati
6. Yadav Madhuri Radheshyam Cotton King Pvt.Limited, Baramati
7. Shahane Rutuja Rameshrao Purple Creations Pvt.Limited, Baramati
iii) 2016-2017

a. Portfolio Making (prepared by final year students )

Sr. No. Students Name Industry Name
1. Amilkanthwar Aishwarya Sunil Fabric Manipulation
2. Gavane Shamal Prakashrao 6 yards reduced to 3
3. Ghumbre Rashmi Diliprao Starry Night
4. Ishrat Fatema Md Ibrahim Big Blossom
5. Katte Pooja Bharat Macramé
6. Lahoti Archana Purshottam Dark Fantasy
7. Phulpagar Swati Sheshrao Roses
8. Sabina Saher Mohammed Azeem Dazzling beauty
9. Totade Jayshri Subhashrao Aura of Krishna
10. Uzma Jabeen Faizur Rab Ansari Abaya Fashion
11. Yadav Madhuri Radhesham Summer 2017 Beach wear

b. Internship Development Program

To impart the practical and industrial knowledge about the Apparel Manufacturing process students were sent for internship for 45 days. Following is the list of students those who were sent for internship:

Internship Programme (45 Days)

Sr. No. Students Name Industry Name
1. Katte Pooja Bharat Peppermint Clothing Pvt.Limited, Baramati
2. Yadav Madhuri Radheshyam Peppermint Clothing Pvt.Limited, Baramati
3. Totade Jayashri Subhashrao Peppermint Clothing Pvt.Limited, Baramati
4. Ghubmre Rashmi Diliprao Peppermint Clothing Pvt.Limited, Baramati
5. Amilkanthvar Aishwaryw Sunil Peppermint Clothing Pvt.Limited, Baramati

Industrial Training Report – 2016-17

The industrial Training held on (19th June-4th Aug, 2017) for 45 days through the institute

• Company Details
Name: Peppermint Clothing Pvt. Limited, Baramati.
Status: Active
Class of Company: Private
Company Products: Manufacture of Wearing apparel, except fur apparel, Kid’s wear.

• Industrial Trip held on 4th of Feb 2017.
Place : Kagal , Dist. Kolhapur
Company Name: Indo Count Industry’s Home Textile Division, Kagal.
Products of Company: Home Textiles, duvet covers, quilts, pillows, shams and Formal skirts.

Kagal is MIDC area where most companies are related with textile. There we visited Indo Count Industry’s Home Textile Division which is situated at Plot No.T3, Five Star Kagal Hatkanangale, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Mr. Anil Kumar Jain is the owner of the industry and his son Mr. Mohit Jain is working as a Managing Director of the industry. From product development and design, to sourcing, manufacturing, branding and marketing, they maintain complete control over the entire supply chain. The company is running over the past 25 years. Mainly weaving, dyeing and finishing process are done here. They create bed sheets, mattress pads, protectors, matching & complementary sheets, duvet covers, quilts, pillows, shams and skirts. Their buyers are in UK, Canada etc. Their malls are situated at India, UK, New York & Canada etc.

As all the process which takes place in company will become hazardous if not done carefully, the HR of company Mr. Shivaji Athargan & Ms. Priti Chavan gave us instructions before entering in company and also warn us to stay away from machineries. They also told us little information about the industry. We saw fabric manufacturing process; it’s processing and then it’s made up’s. It’s a fantastic and immensely beautiful process. Workers must have to be careful while all the processing takes place. We saw how threads are made, how threads are arranged on looms, weaving of fabric, dying of fabric, sizing of fabric and finally products made from fabric. After all these process we thanked all of them and see off them.

Name list of students:

Sr. No. Students Name
1. Pooja Katte
2. Aishwarya Amilkanthwar
3. Rashmi Ghumbre
4. Jayshri Totade
5. Ishrat Fatema
6. Nikita Bhutada
7. Pooja Joshi
8. Swarupa Kulthe
9. Vaishali Shinde
10. Pooja Takras
11. Vandana Somvanshi
13. Abhilasha Lokhande
14. Pallavi Korde
15. Kalpana Kulkarni

Names of Staff Members

1. Assist Prof. K.M.Pillai
2. Lecturer Miss Priya Warwade
3. Non teaching staff: Mr. Naik

• One Day Seminar

Topic: “Creativity is everywhere”

Date: 28/04/2017

The guest speaker was honorable Ms. Mitali Jinturkar.

Dr. Vanita Udgirkar, Assist. Prof. K.M. Pillai & Ms. M.R. Shete all welcome her
Ms. Mitali Jinturkar has completed her B.F.A., M.F.A. and she also her done specialization in craft. She gave the best speech on the awareness of income source through the craft. She shared her experiences with students. She also told students how they could use their creativity to earn money. She told many technical ways to create craft. The different methods used for creating designs on garments. She told many new techniques which are used for fabric embellishment.

• Exhibition Held on 23rd of Sep. 2017:

Departmental Activities:

Although humans are part of nature, human activity is often understood as a separate category from other natural phenomena. The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura, or "essential qualities, innate disposition", and in ancient times, literally meant "birth

• “Best out of Waste” Competition

“Best out of Waste” competition was conducted on 22/2/2017 by B. Voc. Fashion Technology on the occasion of Farewell day.
Judges were Dr. Vanita Udgirkar, Dr. V.S. Ksirsagar & Mr. Kanmode.

First prize goes to the product “Handmade doormat”.

• Rangoli Tournament

Rangoli competition was held on 27th July 2017 at Late Sow. Kamaltai Jamkar Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Darga Road, Parbhani.

This Rangoli Tournament was jointly organized by Collector Office, Parbhani and Late Sow. Kamaltai Jamkar Mahila Mahavidyalay, Darga Road, Parbhani.

B. Voc. Fashion Technology Department’s Ms. K. M. Pillai ( HOD) and Ms. M. Shete(Assistant Professor) were the Judges for the tournament & Nodal Officer for the tournament was Mr. A. Sarnaik.

The topic for Rangoli Competition was “Everyone’s Vote is Important”. The judgment was taken on the basis of Design, Theme & Message

List of students participated in The Rangoli Competition & result:

Sr. No. Names of the Participant Square No College Name Design (10) Theme (10) Message (10) Total
1. Janhavi Ukkalwar 1 Home Science College, MKU - - - -
2. Minal Shete 2 Shivaji College,PBN 09 09 07 25
3. Aarti Mohan Nalavade 3 B.Ed.College,PBN 04 03 02 09
4. Kasare Shatita 4 B.Ed.College,PBN 06 06 08 20
5. Shruti Gundewar 5 Shivaji Polytechnic College, PBN 02 02 02 06
6. Pallavi Surve 6 Shivaji College, PBN 04 02 05 11
7. Pallavi Korde 7 Late Sow.KJMM, PBN 02 03 08 13
8. Komal Kulkarni 8 Shivaji Polytechnic College, PBN 02 02 04 08
9. Geeta Somani 9 Late Sow.KJMM, PBN 08 07 06 21
10. Khavle Varsha 10 Late Sow.KJMM, PBN 02 02 02 06

First Prize of 2100 Rs./-
goes to Ms. Minal Shete
Shivaji College, Parbhani.

Second Prize of 1100 Rs./-
goes to Ms.Geeta Somani
KJMM, Parbhani

Third Prize of 700 Rs./-
goes to Ms. Kasare Shatita,
B.Ed. College, Parbhani.


      Duration: 3 Month (Only Sundays)

        This course was also run by the Department

Departmental Achievements:

From the first batch of the students, result of the department was bright and it is getting brighter year by year. It is one of the important achievements of the department.

Merit list of third year students:
1) Rashmi Diliprao Ghumere 71.33%
2) Aishwarya Sunil Amilkanthwar 70.41%
3) Uzma Jabeen Faizur Rab Ansari 67.41%


1) Miss. Swati Phulpagar held 2nd ranke in Rangoli compition in Youth Festival, Nanded.
2) Miss Vaishnavi Bhosikar held 3rd rank in Drawing competition in Youth Festival, Nanded.

• Students Strength:- Tread Class year
2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 Total
1 UGC I 53 39 09 14 23 19 157
II --- 10 14 --- --- --- 24
2 SNDT I 15 -- -- -- -- -- 15
II 12 8 -- --- --- --- 20
III -- 7 7 --- --- --- 14
3 B.Voc.F.T I 15 -- 30 40 17 22 109
II -- -- -- 20 30 15 65
III -- -- -- --- 12 28 140
Total 80 64 60 73 82 84 443

Result (3rd Year):

Year /Semester V Class No. of students Appeared Admission No. of students Passed Percentage Aveg. Result
2015-2016 B.Voc.F.T. 11 06 55% PASS
Year /Semester VI Class No. of students Appeared No. of students Passed Percentage Aveg. Result
2016-2017 B.Voc.F.T. 11 10 90.90% PASS

Result ( 2nd Year)

Year /Semester III Class No. of students Appeared No. of students Passed Percentage Aveg. Result
2015-2016 B.Voc.F.T. 11 11 100% PASS
2016-2017 B.Voc.F.T. 28 26 92.85% PASS
Year /Semester VI Class No. of students Appeared No. of students Passed Percentage Aveg. Result
2015-2016 B.Voc.F.T. 11 06 55% PASS
2016-2017 B.Voc.F.T. 28 24 85.71% PASS

Result (1st Year)

Year /Semester III Class No. of students Appeared No. of students Passed Percentage Aveg. Result
2014-2015 B.Voc.F.T. 20 16 80% PASS
2015-2016 B.Voc.F.T. 32 27 84.38% PASS
2016-2017 B.Voc.F.T. 17 17 100% PASS
Year /Semester VI Class No. of students Appeared No. of students Passed Percentage Aveg. Result
2014-2015 B.Voc.F.T. 20 20 100% PASS
2015-2016 B.Voc.F.T. 28 28 100% PASS
2016-2017 B.Voc.F.T. 14 14 100% PASS

Departmental Contribution:

Academic Committees:

Admission Committee member:   Ms. K. M. Pillai


Sr. No. Name Of Alumni Position Held Address Contact Details
1. Pooja Katte C.H.B. Lecturer L.S.K.J.M.M. Parbhani 9075430279
2. Kabra Chanchal Boutique(Dress Making) Vasmat 9175295435
3. Tapke Manju Boutique (Saree & blouse Making) Tapke Arts Parbhani 9970914622
4. Raner Shrutika Small Scale Industries Pathri
• Future Plans:

1. To produce garment using student’s skill in the same institute.
2. To train students so that they can do all things practically.
3. To provide income source through the production.
4. To help student for building their confidence.
5. To provide placements in well recognized garment manufacturing units.
6. To motivate students for establishment of their own business.
7. To give guideline for entrepreneurship.