College Refresher Course (CRC)

  • To make aware about new or changing rules, regulations, provisions about administration & academic activities.
  • To give information of exams & changes in office management.
  • To promote research, extension & consultancy activities among teachers.
  • To impart innovative teaching techniques in teachers.
  • To introduce teachers with current trends & latest information in their subjects.
  • To give information about peer reviewed journals, e-journals, seminars & workshops.
  • To acquaint non-teaching staff with new software & its usages.
  • To update the knowledge of teaching & non-teaching staff.

The Context:

The college believes that the teachers are primary and basic source of information for students especially in our region. Students rely on them completely for knowledge. A teacher has to be updated for overall development of students. Therefore, the college organizes Refresher Course at the beginning of every academic year.
The college also gives utmost importance to maintain the records of students carefully. So the non-teaching staff is also provided an opportunity to enhance their knowledge. Non teaching staff needs to know how to deal with students therefore they are given a training of soft skills. They are instructed how to keep the records, how to interact with the university personnel.

Practice / mechanism of organization and implementation:

This is a unique practice run exclusively in our college to enrich the knowledge of teaching and non teaching staff. The college is organizing refresher course since June 1997. A committee has been formed under the chairmanship of Principal to organize and implement the course.
The course runs approximately for a week. A coordinator has been appointed by the Principal. He/she decides the timetable and schedule, invites the speakers, fixes the subjects etc. It starts at 10 a.m. in the morning and ends 5 p.m. in the evening. It is divided into two sessions morning and afternoon. One session includes two resource persons, allotting each speaker 90 minutes. Coordinator also keeps record of attendance and distributes certificates.
The committee invites eminent and expert resource persons from various fields such as teaching, research, health, media, audit, computer, etc. the resource person delivers his/her speech on the given topic that helps increase the knowledge of the audience.; the teachers acquire new ideas and their doubts get cleared as a result they encounter students with confidence and transfer their knowledge effectively.

Evidence of success/ beneficiaries:

Refresher course provides an opportunity to develop the personality and update knowledge. It is mandatory for all our staff as it is run exclusively for our staff, in addition, staff from other colleges can also enroll if they want to.
TIt is observed that due to this course, our teaching staff is enabled and encouraged to deliver guest lectures on various new ideas in other colleges. It helps teachers to publish their articles in journals; present their papers in conferences and publish chapters and books.
The college refresher course has enhanced the efficiency of non teaching staff. They are capable to operate new software and techniques introduced by the university to run smoothly the process of administration. They are able to complete online procedures of administration without any error.

Problems encountered & resources required:
  • The college refresher course does not have any financial assistance from UGC, Parent University, and State Government or from any other organization.
  • It is difficult to get resource person available from nearby region.
  • TParbhani city is not metropolitan or cosmopolitan; therefore, resource persons are not eager to come here.

Contact Details:
  • Name of the Principal: Dr Vasant Bhosale.
  • Name of the Institution: LSKJMM.
  • City: Parbhani.
  • Pin code: 431401.
  • Accreditation Status: ‘A’ reaccredited.
  • Phone Number: 02452 241234.
  • Website: /
  • Email:
  • Mobile: 09423143837.